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Our English program focuses primarily on grammar and composition. You’ll find both video podcasts and PDF curriculum material. 


Video Podcasts

These highly visual grammar videos are designed to build a foundation through grammar beginning with the parts of speech and will eventually include sentence structures, mechanics, and more advanced sentence analysis through diagramming.  Keep checking the store to see what new inventory has been stocked.  Using a writing traits approach, our composition podcasts teach a step-by-step writing process for strong organization and idea development using standards common in the college setting.  Students taught through these methods routinely call or write to Mrs. Fred to thank her for the standards she held them to during their years as developing writers.  Many have won top honors and awards in composition from their colleges and universities.


Required Text for The Potter’s School English 1, English 2, and Journey Through Narnia

Grammar the Write Way is the collaborative effort of three respected English instructors from The Potter’s School and approaches grammar from its effects in composition.  Our Precepts level serves to introduce grammar concepts to build upon in subsequent levels. The homework exercises in the Core program provide a story line of teens living daily life as believers facing spiritual struggles and is expressly evangelical in its themes.  In the Application program of Grammar the Write Way, you’ll find the homework exercises directly connected to specific writing scenarios with student samples for reference.  Homework assignments were designed to complement composition assignments.


Required Text for Grammar with Style for High School Writing

The English Guide to Grammar, Composition, and Logic is Mrs. Frederick's handbook for use with Webworks and Teenworks English classes but serves well as a reference manual for any classroom teacher or diligent student.  A bookmark feature allows easy navigation between its 231 pages of reference on specific grammar concepts, intensive instruction on composition with student samples as well as graded material with teacher feedback and grading rubrics, and logic references to help students form solid arguments for persuasion and avoid logical fallacies.

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