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HomeSchool Works

Having supported homeschool families in the Lansing, MI area for over twenty-five years as Teenworks, a local homeschool tutoring service, this online resource grew out of vision for families committed to educational excellence for their children.  We recommend their services for struggling learners as well as their synchronous online classes across academic disciplines.  Maintaining personal contact with their client base and meeting individual needs of struggling learners has become the hallmark of their reputation.  Their commitment to teaching from a biblical worldview fits the faith paradigm of most homeschool families.



The Potter’s School

The Potter's School (or "TPS," as they are commonly known) is committed to helping families achieve academic excellence from a biblical worldview. TPS was the first on-line school, emphasizing dynamic interactive classes and timely effective individual feedback. In a confused market of distance learning options, they have stayed consistently in the front because they keep their focus on content, standards, and character, pursuing "excellence through grace" in all of these areas together.



Hands-On English with Linking Blocks™

John Menken’s approach to grammar instruction involves physical manipulatives never-before available.  For years, math students enjoyed concrete application of concepts to bring instruction to life and connect physically with active learning models.  Now this same approach is available to learners who need kinetic interaction with abstract concepts.  We think you’ll enjoy this product.




Bigsaw Media

Bigsaw Media is a small Michigan based web and graphic design venture owned by Michael Schmidt.  They have done various web and design projects for multiple clients through-out the Mid-Michigan region.  Michael has had the privilege to work with Ruth Ann to take what once was a dream and turn it into a reality by creating Over the Bar Instruction's new website and web store. To view Bigsaw Media's portfolio, please click the link below.




Roaring Jellyfish

Amy Nelson is the owner of Roaring Jellyfish Designs, a Nashville, TN-based graphic design company. As a freelance designer, Amy works with many different clients, many of whom are local to Nashville. She has been working in the field for seven years and enjoys logo design, layout and illustration. She recently had the special privilege of designing the new Over The Bar Instruction Inc. logo as well as Mrs. Frederick’s English Guide to Grammar, Composition, and Logic! You can check out some of Amy's other work on her website.

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