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                             “Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it.”


                                                       ~ George Santayana, 19th Century Philosopher 



Imagine you are on a journey with a map, and are lost.  The only way you know where you are is by looking back at where you have already been.  

History is how students learn about the world they live in. By learning about the God who governs it, and the journey this world has been on since creation, students come to understand how the world arrived at its present state and what their role in it is. 


In our history programs, our instructors break down the main ideas that caused key events in different periods and places so that they are easily digestible.  Combining the best of audio and visual learning tools to form engaging materials, our podcasts feature iconic moments and individuals in history. Keep checking the store to see what new inventory has been stocked.  From politicians, to explorers, to innovators, artists, musicians, and inventors, students will come to understand the ideas and people that have shaped history, and how they continue to impact us today. 


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