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These Video Podcasts will enable learning in ways that concrete classrooms can't compete with.
You get the entire lesson recorded, you can pause, go back, and screenshot critical notes, and keep them in a virtual or paper notebook. 

A typical math text there has illustrations and text often in black and white; when color is used it is not used most effectively. All of the information is crammed into as few pages as possible, because of printing costs. 

In a virtual world we can spread that one page across several virtual pages, breaking down complex issues into simple steps. We can fill each page a piece at a time making the presentation less foreboding. We use colors to tie text to diagrams, or to allow students to follow a key element of an expression as it moves through each step of a problem. We use motion to draw attention and to maintain student interest. We even use motion diagrams. 

Teaching requires competence in a subject, but to aquaint students with that knowledge is priceless. Math students often fall short because instructors fail to reach the student, we strive to present complex topics in a simple and engaging format. Our goal is to cause the students to learn, not impress them with our "vast knowledge".

George McBride
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