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  • Who is Over the Bar Instruction Inc?
    Over the Bar Instruction INC is a small business owned and operated by Todd and Ruth Ann Frederick, both avid learners with a passion for teaching. As homeschooling parents of four very diverse learners, they had to adjust techniques to meet the individual needs of their very different children. Their first child was a very dramatic, multi-sensory learner with a great love of fiction while her younger sister was a curious student struggling through auditory processing issues. When their third child, a high intellect ADHD sufferer came along, the struggle to keep his insatiable mind engaged forced them to find new methods of capturing his attention and keeping him on task. Their fourth child, still in high school at this point, is a severe dyslexic but hard working child with a very calm demeanor. The Fredericks never had a one-size fits all mentality about educating their own children, and they suspect that method won’t work very effectively for anyone else’s either. They’ve made a study of learning styles and developed ways to force a child to process information as many different ways as possible with a bias toward visual images and verbal illustrations through similes. These memory hooks allow students to move information from short to long term memory a bit more easily. For most students, they feel they’ve found an effective process, and they hope you find similar successes with your children.
  • Is Over the Bar Instruction a School?
    No, we are in no way a school, but we do provide enrichment material to assist both home schooling parents and classroom teachers who want to purchase topics in video. Materials for classroom use are intended only for the teacher who purchased the download.
  • Is this a Religious Group?
    Good question. You’ll notice in some of our material that we do have a biblical worldview. It’s simply part of who we are, but we do realize that not everyone shares our worldview and have intentionally avoided aggressive proselytizing. In descriptions of curriculum bearing more evangelical themes, we’ll be sure to announce that we’ve included a more intentional approach to our world view. Let the buyer beware that some of our materials will contain references to Jehovah God as Creator and Sustainer and Jesus Christ as Redeemer.
  • Can’t I get this Instruction For Free on YouTube?
    Yes and No. While it is true that a quick search on YouTube may glean some instruction on various topics, you will not find it consistently geared toward the students who need more active, colorful, and intentionally simple instruction. You’ll have to decide if each free video you find is trustworthy or not, taking precious time out of your most likely busy schedule. We hope to build a rapport with you, one that gains your confidence that every time you purchase a podcast from us, you received excellent instruction presented in a memorable format.
  • How do I Sign Up and is There a Fee?
    There is no required membership or fee with Over the Bar Instruction INC.
  • Is this for My Student?
    Maybe. Every child is different, so you are the expert on your own child; however, many children do thrive with lively, colorful instruction like the podcasts provided at Over the Bar. We suggest you try a podcast to see if your child enjoys it and learns the material.
  • Is There an Age Limit?
    Fortunately, the presentations lend themselves to use with many age groups. Younger students will be naturally drawn to the color and movement, but older students with learning gaps and frustrations may also find the simple designs appealing. In short, children of any age should benefit from most of our offerings.
  • Is this Podcast Right for My Child’s Age?
    This is a common question and understandable to ask. Society habitually groups children according to the number of candles on their birthday cakes instead of by their developmental readiness. Then parents get nervous if their children don’t “fit” into the right class, as if every child develops emotionally and academically at the same rate. We all know that’s not true, but we still feel pressure and often pass this pressure on to our children. At Over the Bar, we like to prepare material to help your children at their ability levels instead of by their birthday candles, and we are very aware that we are not experts on YOUR children. You are, in fact, the best expert on your own child. Educational systems just seem to forget that part of a child’s educational experience. Since most of our instructors offer a “two cents worth” pod cast to introduce each series of videos, consider ordering this free introduction to get a feel for the content and teaching style of an instructor you may be considering. Perhaps having your child watch with you will reveal his or her readiness to you as you discuss the content. Starting a series does not obligate you to finish it, so if you do begin with a set of videos and find that it doesn’t work for your child, you haven’t purchased an expensive curriculum you then have to sell. I hope this helps set your mind at ease and empowers you to make the decision that best suits your own child.
  • How do I Buy a Video Pod?
    All podcasts our available through our online store. Click Here to be taken to the store.
  • Payment Options
    Accepted Payment Types: Paypal Visa MasterCard Discover Card American Express
  • How will I receive my order?
    Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email with secure links to download the items you ordered. If you're using a PayPal account, the download will come to the address associated with that account. *Note: You will only be able to download from received link(s) 3 times, before links will become inactive.
  • I'm having a problem completing my order
    Please contact our support team at:
  • My download isn't working
    Please contact our support team at:
  • What are the System Requirements?
    Windows XP SP2 or later Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • I'm having a Problem with my Pod
    Please contact our support team at:
  • I'm Unable to Find My Download
    Please check all "Downloads" folder on your computer. If you are still unable to find your download, please contact our support team at:
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