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Ruth Ann Frederick

I hold my BS in English Education from Liberty University with a minor in psychology and concentration in drama.  I taught in public and private schools over the years and became interested in home school sixteen years ago when we moved to Michigan from Virginia and connected with a tutoring service where I worked part time.  Their passion for home education overwhelmed me, and I felt compelled to begin our family’s journey.

All four of our children are grown, but I home schooled all of them, most through high school.  Some of them required daily educational challenges to overcome, but my husband has made a study of the human brain and how teaching, as well as learning, works.  Through our conversations on long walks on country roads, we developed a passion for educational excellence and helping willing but struggling learners achieve.



"The English language instruction I received from Ruth Ann Frederick as a middle school student was the catalyst for enormously successful high school and college careers. I can trace nearly every academic success back to the foundation of quality grammar and critical thinking instruction from Ruth Ann. Her comprehensive grammar programs cover simple and advanced language, composition, literature, and logic concepts. She engages students in active learning experiences by using personal and literary examples in her teaching, and she makes difficult concepts easy to understand with visual instruction. Her teaching methods lead not only to a thorough understanding of grammar, but also foster critical thinking skills in students that contribute to academic success in other subjects. 


Investing in quality English language education is about more than writing an A+ paper, scoring well on the ACT, or passing an AP exam. Although academic achievements like these come naturally with a good understanding of grammar, what has been most valuable to me about the grammar education I received from Ruth Ann is the real-world communication and critical thinking skills I developed. Understanding how to communicate correctly means communicating effectively and powerfully, and having this rare skill will set you miles ahead of other students and bring real-world achievements. For me, understanding how to communicate correctly and effectively in writing led to college acceptances at prestigious Ivy League and public universities, merit-based scholarships, academic honors and awards, successful job applications and interviews, and leadership opportunities, in addition to natural academic success. Ruth Ann has the unique ability to prepare students for a lifetime of success in communication by helping them understand the English language, and I highly recommend her instructional programs and services."


- Kristen Choi, BSN-PhD Student, University of Michigan



"New to online classes when we first met Mrs Frederick, we had no idea all that could be packed into 90 minutes! Truly a gifted teacher, she brings the boring topic of grammar to life and makes it understandable. As she taught five of our ten children at different times, Mrs. Frederick equipped them with invaluable writing skills and techniques. In the midst of teaching literature, she also adeptly weaves in Biblical and life principles. While maintaining a friendly manner, Mrs. Frederick also commands the respect of her students, motivating them to do their work, and that on time. My kids are better students as a result of her classes. Mrs Fred become a family friend through the speakers in our living room!"


Elizabeth Crandall

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