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Emily Smith

I was born and raised in Flint, MI and went on to Michigan Technological University where I earned a BS Chemistry degree.  I spent a year at Wayne State University studying Organic Chemistry.  I worked as a chemist for 3 years in the Detroit area, but left the job to follow my husband Eric to the Lansing area.  At the age of 25, Christ opened my eyes to his love and forgiveness and I have been a Christian since then.  I am a stay-home mother of 2 and I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my love of science by teaching chemistry, biology, physical science, and physics to homeschoolers for the past 7 years.



"Emily has been a teacher for both of my organizations, Teenworks in Lansing, Michigan and Webworks an on line program for home schoolers.  Mrs. Smith has always done an excellent job explaining the concepts and relating to her students.  Her background as a chemist gives her a practical knowledge of science and how it applies to everyday life.  Her love for her Savior shines through her teaching as she provides the student with a biblical world view of science and the world around them.  She gives individual assistance to each student that might struggle and always builds up her students and encourages them to do their very best, and she is satisfied with their best."

- Wanda Burdick; Homeschool Works


“My daughter, Mady, is taking Emily Smith’s Physical Science class and yes, yes, yes, she has been a blessing.  Mady is so excited to do her labs and so excited just before class.  Mrs. Smith is very encouraging and enthusiastic.  Thank you Mrs. Smith for all your hard work and dedication.  You love science and it really shows.  Mady has blossomed and matured as a student this year because of this class.  Thank you for all the organization and preparation time that you spend.  May God bless you many times over!” 

- Sherry Bucher; Homeschooling Mom

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