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Growing up in a Christian home, attending a Christian school, and being involved in a good gospel teaching church, Margaret Chavis realized a very young age that she was a sinner and needed a savior.  When she was four years old, she knelt beside the family couch with her older brother, and received Jesus as her personal Savior.

Later, Margaret attended Liberty University adding strength to her biblical training and making her who she is today.  As she was preparing to graduate from college with a degree in Music Education, a job opened up at what is now Liberty Christian Academy.  Margaret taught music, Spanish, Bible, kindergarten and even creative writing, spelling and some math during her 35 years at LCA.

Margaret is married to Brian and has one daughter.  She and her husband are very involved in missions, raising money to help those who have very little.  Since retiring, Margaret has become a desired substitute in the local county public school system.



"My memories of you were of you helping the shy little girl that I was when I first started in your class room. You helped that little girl learn that she did have a voice that can not only sing but can speak and does deserve to be heard and listened to as an adult. You helped to build my confidence at a young age and I still thank you for that every time I see you. We both know that was only just ah… 5 years ago."

- Marisa Green Vest


“Mrs. Vaughan is one of the most caring and energetic teachers I remember having. She cares for all of her students and always made class a great experience. The knowledge of content and wealth of experience she has make her a teacher any parent would want their child to have. I highly recommend purchasing her lessons to help your child get that extra practice and truly enjoy their learning experience!” 

- Elizabeth Moquin; Former Student


"I have known Mrs. Chavis for over 40 years.  She and I have taught together at Liberty Christian Academy.  She was the full time music instructor, teaching elementary general music.  I am the private piano teacher, providing lessons for students first through twelfth grade.  Many of Mrs. Chavis’ general music students were also my private students.  Those students were much more knowledgeable because of what they had learned in her class.


I consider Mrs. Chavis one of the best music teachers that I have ever observed.  Occasionally, she would invite me into a music history lesson to perform one of the composer’s pieces of whom she was teaching.  I loved the way she interacted with her students.  She made the class so much fun, yet she was a very balanced disciplinarian as well.


I consider Mrs. Chavis not only one of the most experienced teachers, but one of the most committed and dedicated educators amongst the dozens I have had the privilege of teaching with. I would entrust any of my own children with Mrs. Chavis on a personal and/or educational setting.  She has one hundred percent of my backing in any project that is set before her."

-Joy Jones Pantana

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